Niche? Nah…

We writers are supposed to have a niche, that is, a specialization.

One or two areas where we really know our stuff, whether from life experience, prior work or hobbies.

I have seven or so…the number changes; I can’t keep track.

Right now I list health and wellness, fitness, nutrition, science, home and garden, relationships and real estate as my niche areas.

That’s a lot, but I love writing about all of them.

And dogs.

Today I submitted to write for a blog about dogs. I really really want to write about dogs. Who wouldn’t?

The thing is, I’ve worn a lot of hats, played numerous roles, dove into many hobbies. Friends call me a Jack of All Trades. I don’t know about that, but I am certainly a Master of None.

I just like to learn. How things work, where stuff come from, what makes things happen and people tick. I don’t wonder, I Google.

Research can be fun. Does that make me more or less fun? Don’t answer.

Yes, some research is more fun than others– finding the identity of your friend’s husband’s mistress is more fun than compiling the causes of atopic dermatitis.

But learning and writing about skin rashes beats just about anything else I could be doing.

I just love to write…about almost anything…and especially dogs.

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